Asphalt 9: Legends App Reviews

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Good game, minor issues.

When I was told about this game I wasn’t expecting much. Just another game I’d get bored of within a week of having it then I’d delete it. However, this was not the case. The graphics are amazing compared to other similar games I’ve played. It can keep me occupied for hours. There is one minor problem I have with the multiplayer. It sets you up with players of the same rank as you but not the car ranking. For example when I was trying out multiplayer for the first time I had a slightly upgraded base car with a ranking of around 800. I was matched with several higher ranked cars at rank 1117 which made it challenging to compete. It’s rare I get into a balanced match. I also had a connection error that wouldn’t let me load the game but that was fixed not too long after it happened. Overall a pretty good game. Would recommend.

Needs Apple TV support

Great game, but needs Apple TV support.

Mejórenlo esta perron

Muy bueno

Freaking Awesome

Awesome game racing rocks

Very disappointed

Every asphalt till this was amazing. One reason this didn’t fill my high expectations based on previous experiences. The reason being there’s no steering. WHO MAKES A RACING GAME WITH NO STEERING! Asphalt 8 airborne was an incredible game because you felt like you had actual control of the car. Now it’s boring and bland. It had so much potential but due to NO STEERING it just seems like every other racing game out there. Please if you ever make Asphalt 10 make it like 8. Asphalt 8 did it all right varied gameplay, exciting races, exotic tracks, thrilling knockouts, excellent selection of cars, and amazing set pieces. Try the game out and if you like it then great, but for me this was a huge disappointed sadly.


Best phone racing game there is! Definitely worth the download

This is the best racing game ever

It’s amazing

Great game, but lacking...

This is the first Asphalt game I’ve played and actually enjoyed (not saying the older ones are bad) and I love this game but it lacks one main thing... Car customization. I think this game could use more visual customization eg. bumpers and wings. Other than that, this is a 5/5 star game.


I love every thing about it


What a game graphics are amazing and the creator put lots of effort to make this spectacular game

Yes and no

It’s really really really really fun but I don’t like the fact that you have to pay for the game well that’s what it says for me my friend said that it don’t for her anyway other than that it’s awesome and really fun

It’s good

I like the game a lot and it’s beautiful but I have to take one star away because It’s not as good as asphalt 8 gameplay wise.



Problems with multiplayer

Great game overall, but are at least two decently sized glitches in multiplayer. The first is that when a player has a bad connection, they can sometimes drive thru other players as if they are a ghost. I’ve had people pass me and win a race because they had a bad connection. The second is that when you are searching for a multiplayer match, the searching sometimes just “gives up” and takes you back to the car select screen. The problem is, it still consumes your cars fuel even though you haven’t been in a race. If these problems are fixed (and maybe more maps please) I’ll definitely give this five stars.


Like OMG😜

Fantastic game!

There are a lot of great things to praise this game with. The graphics are awesome, the tracks are really fun to drive, and the cars feel great while driving them. The customization is great(but can still be a little better, hint: racing stripes and other decals) and the physics are extremely detailed and realistic (yes it is an arcade game that has some unreal tricks, but still... the physics are detailed really well). I just think a few things need to be reworked a bit. 1. The touchdrive steering sticks to the line even when you need to pass opponents. This does not happen often, but it still needs to be fixed because it can get annoying. 2. Some cars needed to complete the campaign are impossible to get because you are relying on luck to win the blueprints or find them in the shop. If there was a daily event that allowed you to pursue the cars you want, that would help a lot. 3. The trade coins idea is absolutely pointless. It’s a completely unnecessary currency that is just annoying. Allow me to sell blueprints for tokens or credits. 4. The multiplayer has a few bugs. I regularly have issues connecting to the races(I don’t have this issue with other games) If you can’t connect you still lose fuel for your car, there is a lot of lag(again, I don’t have this issue anywhere else) and sometimes you are in first when you finish a race but end up being fifth!!! (None of this is common fortunately) Gameloft, please fix multiplayer! Overall, I would still recommend this game to anyone who loves racing!



Una pasada

Muy bueno

What i think of the game

I fell like the game haves every sigle thing any one could ask for

You cant drive yourself!

The fact that you cant drive a car in a CAR RACING Game lol not for me!

Asphalt 9

It is a great game for racing fans but in my own opinion I think you should be able to move more freely like in asphalt 8 where you could twist and turn with the left and right side of the phone that is all good day

The best racing game in the app store 😍🙌🏻

Great Job Gameloft 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

Do not buy


Great game!!!

I played asphalt 8 for a long time, and the sequel is amazing! My only issue is with automatic, but it can be turned off, so overall a very great game!

Literally best game ever

It’s free to play, child friendly (sort of) and has better graphics than son Xbox games I know. This game is a neccesity for all car lovers

Gorgeous on XS Max!

Not only is the gameplay great, the quality of the content including are amazing. Truly immersive experience on the XS Max! 🖤

Great game

Great game good graphics and now the auto driving is even better

Fine but one thing....

It’s great! But I want to control the car. Can you like put an option if I could control it or not? That would be great!


Good game wish it had better steering controls but overall great game

Not disappointing

With how insane the Asphalt series have been, this game isn’t a disappointment.


It’s finally out! I’ve been waiting till this game came out

Beautiful game

I have an IPhone Xs Max and this game is extremely clean and reactive to the touch. The fact that it is free makes it a must get!

Enjoyable, but we need more blueprints.

To make it sweet and easy, it’s a great game and such, I’ve made it to having the Astron Martin B car, and the Jaguar. But getting the blueprints are extremely hard-impossible just for kind of hard cars, and we need A-S cars sooner or later. Such as the Vulcan or finishing the seasons for the Laferrari. Please consider because this would make your game perfect.

I love it

Amazing game ^^


I’m so sure I love this it’s ssoooo eazy

It’s okay

Not bad, not great either.

Amazing graphics!!!

Graphics are amazing and the sound awesome!!! Music is also perfect!

Great game but one big problem

I honestly think that this game is a great game but it has one big problem, YOU HAVE TO BUY FUEL TO RACE!! Basically it’s like you get a brand new car after all that hard work and then it says you need more fuel. Really annoying but it’s still a great app. It’s free so you can get it and if you don’t like it you can delete it.

So fun

I love this game it’s great to play and the graphics are amazing

Quality vs race

Quality is great but the race is not a challenge and the race need to be longer.

Best ever

Best game ever


The game is gorgeous, and action packed. I’ve been playing consistently for about 3 week. There are a few things that absolutely ruin the fun for me. Being unable to complete career races because I’m missing blueprints for rare cares is upsetting. You can grind as much as you want, and never see a single blueprint for the car you need. Multiplayer is completely broken, and extremely frustrating. Everyone uses touch drive, and races favor those who have spent money. Knock downs are inconsistent and obnoxious. I really want to keep playing, but the paywall is decimating my fun.

Requires Stable Network?

It is a great car game, but unfortunately I can’t log in these days. It constantly asks me to find a stable network, I mean I am using WiFi, and I can play MMRPG using my WiFi. This is just a phone game, how stable the network should be?

Visual quality

Visual quality is unavailable on ipad Hope it’ll get fixed soon Plzzzzz fix it asap

Best MF game you’ll invest In

Yo better than gran turismo and need for speed... more to gain as well

Hey guys I need my account back

Hey guys I need my account back



Epic but...

I love this game but the story mode does not always let you use some cars. I can under stand this but a mustang in class D elite... really? Also I have no idea how to knock people out in multiplayer but over all good game. Not as pay to win as asphalt 8.

Asphalt 9

Game is free and fun for all ages!

Great game

Great game!

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